​Water treatment protects the environment and secures operation

The hot summers show that water is becoming scarce. Some gravel pits had to cease operations, in some cases with grave financial consequences.

The german legislator only permits the opening of new gravel pits on condition that the water circulations are safeguarded.

Our mobile water treatment plants set standards and protect the environment. Thanks to our technology, sludge ponds and settling tanks have been consigned to the past. As a scarce resource, land is spared and can be used for other purposes.

Your general contractor:
from the idea to commissioning, service included

Every location of a water treatment plant has its own special features. We cooperate with geologists and environmental technicians to find the right treatment method for every water problem. If necessary, we support you in meetings with authorities and also in the submission and approval phase. Questions can be cleared up immediately; prejudices or fears are quickly dispelled.    

We take care of the complete engineering for you, including the control technology. If need be, we also build the foundations, assemble and commission the plant, and train your employees. It goes without saying that you can rely on the proverbial Swiss service.

Cemwash, Gravelwash and Drillwash – we clean sludges

Our mobile solutions offer the highest possible flexibility with the smallest space requirement. Depending on the task and assignment, the modular chamber filter press can be assembled individually and supplemented, for example, by a neutralisation plant. The strength of this concept becomes apparent in particular with time-limited assignments.

Gravelwash prepares sand and gravel sludges and cleans excavated earth sludges. The valuable process water can thus be reused.
(See animation above)

Cemwash processes and dehydrates cement suspensions and sludges produced by stationary concrete mixers and truck mixers. The water consumption of a cement washing plant is thus massively reduced and saves resources.
(See animation below)

Drillwash is able to dehydrate drilling suspensions and sludges produced by tunnel construction and geothermal drilling.

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